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Watsu® (Aquatic Shiatsu) began at the School of Shiatsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs, CA. Many consider Watsu® the most significant advance in bodywork in our times. Watsu® creates a deep connection through the kind of holding or ‘cradling’ that being in warm water encourages. The trust that this establishes combines warm (94-97 degree) water and the therapeutic nature of Watsu’s moves and stretches. Thus is created a bodywork modality of extraordinary depth which has both specific therapeutic results and healing on many levels. Dan is one of three such practitioners in Vermont. His own back problems led him to further pursue this extraordinary aquatic experience for others. He is also a certified Ai Chi instructor.

Treating yourself to an hour or so of pampering with this unique water massage is awesome. Muscles relax, stress is released and your body is rejuvenated.

Watsu® is rebonding therapy for both the giver and receiver. Water’s strength is in its power to yield, to flow into whatever form would pretend to contain it; to move over and make room for whatever enters it. Become one with the water. Relax, enjoy and surrender.

AI CHI is an exercise for the mind and spirit as well as the body. It uses the aquatic environment to enhance the impact of the movement on the muscles. Many people with health issues cannot do land based exercises. Warm water takes the stress off in order to improve balance, core strength, breath control and muscle tone.