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Comments & Quotes

"Watsu® provides different experiences for different people. It is a mystery dance of many forms with many meanings.

For some, it's a matter of learning that it's okay to be held again, to be quiet, to surrender, to trust.

For others, it's a time to be quiet and to be at peace; to leave the stresses, the challenges, the conflicts behind and simply to experience peacefulness, relaxation, and warmth.

For others, it's a matter of learning that it's okay to just float, and that in letting go and floating, you are supported and nourished in your process. Learning that this is also the way that the Universe will support and nourish you, if you let go and let it do so.

For some, it's learning to let someone just hold and support you in a safe, non-threatening, and non-judgmental way, knowing that God holds you the same way in the palm of his hand: in unconditional acceptance of where you are in that moment, knowing that wherever that is, it is right for you to be there and it's where you need to be.  It just is.

For some, it is simply relaxation and a gentle, firm stretching and manipulation of the muscles and the body: a release of tension and a letting go of resistance. It feels so good to the body physical.

For some, it's a return to the comfort, security, warmth and safety of the womb. It's a return to feeling nurtured, and protected while being able to stretch and explore the physical sensations of water movement. A return to a known but hazy memory of being loved. At times, one can even hear the beat of the heart as it beats in unison to that of the Mother.

And, for a few, it's a process of journeying back to spirit, back to source, back to home, back to the unconditional love that is always there, always available, always never-ending. 

For some, it may be parts of all of these at differing times. For others it may be mostly just one, or several, with glimpses of others. For everyone it is just what they need to be experiencing in that moment of time, in that place.  For everyone it is something; for none it is nothing. Just know that the water and the Master Merge to bring forth the experience that is just right for each soul each and every time they enter the realm of waterdance."                           Sharon Fradette


Watsu®:  "I used to come because I had to;  now I come because I want to."  L. Abbott