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Our Facility

Our facility was opened in January 2003.  The pool room is fully encased with cedar providing an eye-pleasing and aromatic atmosphere.  The pool deck has been fully carpeted for safety and comfort.  In the corner is a gas fireplace for added heat and ambiance.  The sky lights and sliding glass doors add abundant light as well as superb ventilation.  The room is humidity controlled with exhaust fans for additional comfort.

Our 24' by 14' pool is sloped from 3 1/2' to 51/2' with easy access by way of  six-foot wide four-step entrance staircase with handrails.  The pool is maintained by a "saline purification system" that provides the beautifull clear and clean sanitized water. There are no stinging eyes, swimming suit damages or other chlorine-related problems, and no unpleasant chlorine smell.

A sound system provides soft, soothing background music as you are engulfed in full relaxation. At night, our fiber-optic lighting system provides a cascade of underwater colors.  We maintain our pool temperature between 93 and 97 degrees depending on the need (97 for Watsu - 93 for Ai Chi classes).